5 Useful Blogging Factors You Are Probably Not Considering

When people say blogging is an art, they are not exaggerating. Then again, those who call it a science aren’t wrong either. In order to be a good blogger, you need the ability to create great and valuable content, yet at the same time you should know how to promote it and make it visible to those who will find it relevant and useful. That is precisely what traffic generation is all about.

Speaking of the latter part, there are many blogging factors that are there to help you improve the marketing and promotional aspect, resulting in more traffic and higher revenues.  Unfortunately, many bloggers, despite being expert in their own niche, are unable to fully utilize their blogs due to lack of knowledge about blogging itself. This article takes a look at five such factors that you are probably overlooking.

1.    Categorizing the Content

There are many blogs that have tones of information, which is inaccessible to the users simply because they fail to reach it. this is what happens when you do not categorize them well. Keeping each blog in proper categories and subcategories can help your users browse easily. Most blogging platforms and CMS offer categories widget that can make navigation much easier for the users.

2.    Social Integration & Sharing

Blogging itself comes under social networking activity, but the more platforms you can include on your social sharing widget, the more traffic and upvotes you can expect. Social media integration and social sharing opens the opportunity to make your content go viral. From Pinterest to Instagram, don’t leave any platform untouched.

3.    Comment Section

Comments section is where you can see how engaging and interesting your posts actually was. The number of comments on your blog is a clear indicator of good traffic and high quality content. However, sometimes the quality of those comments may compromise your credibility. Follow tried and tested tips for improving your comment section and stay active and responsive to get more positive comments.

4.    Clearer Call to Actions

Every blog has a purpose, especially if you aim to monetize it. Typically, your users wont fulfill the purpose unless they get a clear call to perform certain action that will lead to money generating activity. The problem with many blogs is that despite high quality content, there is no call to action or that CTA is not clear. Don’t shy away from putting your CTA where it stares directly into the reader’s eyes, even if it is just a request for comments.

5.    Helpful Cross Linking

How many inbound links do you need per post? This is a tricky questions as you cannot risk too many or too few links.  With blogs, you can simply add a relevant link section to build a powerful link network across your website and with other websites that can help you gain traffic. You can add the section manually or use a widget that can choose relevant links based on your keywords and tags.


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