6 Factors that are Dominating Web Design in Oxford

Looking for a boost to help your website stand out from the crowd? The world of web design moves at a fast pace, and you’ve got to be on top of the latest trends to keep up. Find out from our web design experts in Oxford what you can do to help your website shine in 2017.

1. Content is King

In the past all kinds of bells and whistles drew attention away from what has always been the most important part of a website – the content. Whether it is text, image, video, or animation content, this is something you must look carefully at for your Oxford business in 2017. Excellent content drives a website forward and it is certain that more companies will be going “back to basics” with an emphasis on content in 2017.

2. Imaginative and Unique Layouts

Oxford web design experts say that a point has been reached where flat design, when most websites start to look the same, is being put aside in favour of more imaginative layouts and designs. It is important for a website to function well and be easy to navigate, but it also helps when a website is memorable and unique in its look.

3. Geometric Shapes and Patterns

Many websites are being designed with a heavy emphasis on geometric patterns and lines, including putting images into circles, adding patterns to a backdrop, and creating on-page designs that are geometric in shape.

4. Imaginative Heading Styles

The traditional way of designing a heading – centralised, in caps, and san serif – is moving aside in favour of a more imaginative and freeform style. An experimental heading is a good way for a website to stand out from the crowd.

5. More Animation

Bespoke animation can be used to demonstrate how a product works, or can display content in a meaningful way. Animation is also increasingly being used to fill in as pages load. Many more companies are commissioning animation for their sites, and others are making use of GIFs to create memorable visual impact.

6. Simple Navigation

Since much of the world’s browsing is now taking place on smartphones and tablets, navigation is being streamlined and taken to its simplest level so that sites are easier to navigate and use. Minimal navigation helps users make the best use of a site and assists in putting key messages across clearly.

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