8 Business Startups You’ve Probably Never Thought of

These days, starting up a business that nobody else has thought of can be extremely difficult. It’s important that a new business is unique, so that people feel compelled to do business with it. These startups are all ideas that have been proven to work in various countries, but many others haven’t caught on yet. Take a look!

A Hangover Helper Company

Hangovers can be truly traumatising. Let’s say you’ve had a party at your house with all of your friends, and you wake up the next morning feeling like death. There are empty bottles and cans scattered around you, and you just can’t bring yourself to move. A hangover helper company will come over, give you something to eat and a drink, before tidying up the mess. You’ll never know the party happened when you can finally bring yourself to move.

A Smashing Plates Company

We all get so angry sometimes that we feel like breaking something. Well, certain companies are charging a fortune to let people come in and smash the place up. They can swear, scream, break things, and stamp their feet all for a reasonable charge. This would be a great idea for an area with lots of stressed business people.

A Cardboard Box Making Company

We all need cardboard boxes. Whether we’re moving house, packaging something, or marketing something, cardboard boxes are essential. With a cardboard box making company, you could make a fortune! All you need is the money to rent a business premises and machinery from the likes of Spiraltech.

A Doll Hospital

Some dolls are very sentimental items to their owners, and it can be heartbreaking when they break or begin to look old. If you were to start a doll hospital, you could offer services such as refurbishing dolls, replacing parts, and giving them a new lease of life.


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A Head Lice Removal Company

Head lice can be a real pain for parents and children. You can’t avoid them when your children are at school coming into contact with all of the other kids, but you can try to make sure that they don’t get them ever again. If you started a head lice removal company that did exactly that, you could make a fortune from distressed parents.

A Sympathy Food Delivery Business

Sending flowers when someone is sad is common, but they die quickly. Why not send sympathy food instead? A hearty meal will always be more helpful than a bunch of dying plants. Your business could offer comforting yet nutritional foods such as beef stew and chicken broth.

A Rent a Chicken Business

Many people think of owning chickens for their fresh eggs, but it can be costly. It’s especially difficult if you don’t know whether it’ll be right for you. With a rent a chicken business, you’d give potential chicken owners the opportunity to look after some chickens and decide if it’s right for them.

A Pet Detective Business

Pets go missing all the time, and this is unbearable for their loving owners. Some get found, while others don’t. With a pet detective business, you could make it your mission to hunt for missing pets and reunite them with their owners. Many will pay handsomely to get their beloved pet back.

Which one will you start? Let us know in the comments!

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