Factors That Affect Your Website’s Performance And You Most Likely Do Not Know

Many site owners work hard to increase conversion rates but do not succeed as they do not focus on all the aspects that could be considered. In most situations the focus is put on the really major changes. They are the ones that are tested and that keep being focused on. It is really important to do all that is possible to improve conversion rates and increase site profits. Doing this is only possible when you analyze everything. That is why we should mention some lesser-known factors that will affect site performance.



Captcha Use

Spam is something everyone hates. Business managers tend to implement CAPTCHAS for all the right reasons but we should know the fact that using CAPTCHAS actually reduces conversion rates. When you simply remove them you will see that the spam that comes in is not that much. Obviously, this is not always the case. However, it happens more often than what you may think. In the event you use CAPTCHA, simply turn it off for some time. See if your conversion rates go up. There is a pretty good possibility they will.

Standard CTA Text

Call to action is vital for site success. The problem is that most sites just use the general text you see everywhere. You may want to customize the call to actions in order to increase conversions. Online casinos like NetBet are masters of this. They test many different texts in order to see what works best and their results are always going to be very good. The best option available is to try to customize based on the selling funnel that is created and the potential desires of the visitor. Remember that just one or two words that are changed can increase conversion rates even by 1%. This is huge in the online marketing world.

Not Tracking The Changes Made

There is no need to have a system that is really fancy when you want to test, evaluate and measure the way in which changes affected conversion rates. However, most site owners never track all the changes that are made to a site because they do not think they are important. As an example, when you increase product image size you gain conversions and traffic, in theory. This does not always happen. At the same time, the traffic that is lost might be no problem because of conversion increases. Having a system to monitor results whenever a small change is made can drastically increase the success of a site.


So many sites out there forget the fact that most people do not use slang and do not understand industry terms. If you want to increase the success of your site you will need to use language that is as natural as possible. It simply needs to be understood by any person, no matter the education. Natural language use in a front can, for instance, increase conversion rates by up to 50%. This is how powerful the text you use can be.



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