Online Shopping: How Safe Is It?


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Online shopping has been, arguably, one of the biggest developments in the western world over the last ten years. People seem to think nothing of filling in their bank details online and pressing the ‘buy’ button. After all, everything is safe online, right? Wrong. If you are not secure when filling in your details online, you could face serious problems. When you think about it, anyone in the world can access the internet. That means that you have no way of knowing who or what might be accessing your information. Once someone has that information, they can use it to buy anything their heart desires and all at your expense. So, how safe is online shopping?

Online banking

Most people have online banking these days, but do they know how to keep their money safe? One of the best things about online banking is that it makes it super easy to access your finances. The major drawback there is that if you can access them, who else can? When you are logging into your online banking account, you must ensure that you can have a security code. Some people use an extra code after their password so that nobody else can get into their account. You should also make sure that your computer is free of malware or people could hack your account.


So, who are hackers? Well, anyone in the world can become a hacker. If someone is tech-savvy, they can learn ways to corrupt files and get into your account. Much of the time, these hackers use viruses and malware to access information on your computer. That means that they can copy your passwords and information. Once they have that information, they can access your accounts whenever they want to do so.

Click to buy systems

Many websites, such as Amazon, have a click to buy system. That means that when you want to buy something new, you can just click the ‘buy’ button, and the transaction will be complete. The system means that people don’t have to go through the entire payment system. On the surface level, this system makes things easy for the buyer. After all, who wants to go through a lengthy form every time they want to make purchases? The problem is that once someone gets your email and password, they don’t need to fill in the form either. That means that almost anybody can use your account to buy whatever they are.

Mobile shopping

Shortly after the advancements in online shopping, came the rise of mobile shopping. Everybody has Mobile Internet these days. This internet is often as fast as using a powerful WiFi connection. That means that many people use their smartphones to shop. Much of the time, people buy things through apps, rather than through their mobile browser. On some apps, you don’t need to login each time you buy something. That means that you are regularly using shopping apps on your phone. That is fine so long as nobody else gets your smartphone. If they do, though, they will use your apps to buy things without even having to hack your passwords.

Masked websites

Perhaps the most dangerous thing online, masked websites can steal your information. You probably would not even realize that someone has concealed a certain website. For example, a site might look identical to a well-known site. It might have the same URL. That doesn’t mean that the site is real. Some hackers can use fake websites to gather your bank information from you. You need to be careful about where you use your credit or debit card.

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