Responsive Web Design Mistakes You Have To Avoid

Responsive web design is definitely the norm in modern industry but we have to understand that it is not at all perfect. In many cases we are faced with some mistakes that basically ruin the entire experience. You want to be sure that you are going to avoid every single one of the mistakes mentioned below whenever you create a new blog that uses responsive web design.


Not Taking Into Account Visitors Behaviour

Since you want to be sure that you have a perfect online mobile presence, a retailer tends to forget about the importance of site visitor behaviour. In responsive web design such an analysis is vital to revealing statistics about performed operations, conversion rates, devices most often used and a lot more.

First Focusing On Desktop Versions

Most site owners will focus on the desktop version of the site since we tend to think that most computer users are using desktop PCs. This is the case at the moment but if we are to look at statistics, we can easily notice there is a clear growth in the number of people using mobile devices to browse the internet. You want to always think about all devices that could be used while you create any web design. This will guarantee the site looks great on absolutely all computers.

Not Testing Before Launching

Before any responsive web design is made public, you want to be sure all necessary tests are done. In so many cases there were potentially great themes that were released before testing was properly done. That means the sites will not look great and bugs can easily appear. Always be sure everything is tested properly before the launch.

Using Small Buttons For CTA Purposes

A developer normally tries to adjust all that appears on small screens. Unfortunately, with the CTA buttons we often see that what is designed is way too small. A user will end up clicking wrong buttons and will end up frustrated. The immediate result is the visitor leaving.

Hiding Content

In order to make a mobile website look smaller we often see that developers end up hiding some content. This is a really bad mistake. Content ends up not being visible so site performance will automatically be hindered. At the same time, we see that Google punishes the sites using such a practice since it is seen as a form of potential spam.


On the whole, it is really important that you are careful with responsive web design. All the data that you need at the moment is available online but people do tend to hurry, which is definitely not something you will want to do. Think about absolutely all the mistakes we presented above so that you will end up with a result that is as great as possible. Responsive website design is all about making a site look great on absolutely all devices that could be used for browsing purposes. This can only be achieved when you are careful and patient.

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