Take A Peek Inside Google’s Offices. Then Apply It To Your Business


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A job at Google is one of the most sought after careers in the world of tech. It’s not just the status of working at one of the world’s biggest companies that makes it so attractive. It’s the offices themselves. It’s the employee perks. It’s everything else that comes with being a ‘Googler’. Google fosters one of the most desirable workplaces on the planet. That’s because Google understands the importance of office space and happiness in the workplace.

They understand that a happy and enthused workforce is a productive one. They have built an environment that encourages collaboration. It breeds freedom and the ability to be creative. More importantly, it keeps workers happy. When employees are happy and motivated, they work hard for the company. It makes them feel like they are part of something bigger. It also helps keep people there for longer. Workers at Google stay at work later in the day. Once you start working there, not many leave either.

So why is this? What is so special about working at Google? It’s everything. It’s the innovative and magical designs of their offices. It’s the pool on the roof. It’s the massages and the free gourmet food. Being given freedom to work how you want in an environment you feel comfortable. These are all incredibly important to the wellbeing of Google’s employees. Let’s take a look inside.


The first thing you notice about Google’s offices is their impressive design. The interior and exterior are decorated with impeccable detail. The interior of Google buildings are designed like a theatre. There’s the main building itself, the theatre. This will last 100 years and remain the same. Then there’s the interior walls and floor, the office spaces, that’s the stage. This can be changed every ten years or so to keep it fresh and updated. Finally, there’s the props, that’s all the furniture and the designs of the rooms. These are updated yearly to keep people interested and creative. You can inspire a similar environment by redecorating regularly. Saracen office refurbishment London is one of many companies that can assist with redecorating.

The offices themselves are designed with collaboration and random collision in mind. Google understands the importance of letting employees collaborate and work together. But, they also know that some employees work better alone. The Google office is filled with soundproof capsules so you can lock yourself away and get work done. At the same time, there are hundreds of collaborative spaces. These are designed for accidental collaboration. You can encourage this in your own office too.

The general concept is to bring the outside world in. Google love the idea of the high street. There are all kinds of different cultures and ideas mingling. They intend to bring that environment inside the office. Google often describe it as a youth club or a holiday camp vibe. They have also taken strides to foster green technology. You can learn from this and create an eco-friendly workplace yourself.


The Google offices are wildly decorated. They tend to follow the lead of the city they are in. London’s Google office has a conference room designed like a traditional English pub. New York’s offices has walkways that look like a subway and are lined with red fire hydrants. There are snug corners to get lost in and hammocks to sit and think. There are areas designed like libraries with hundreds of books for when you need a new idea. Take a look at some photos for a better idea.

20% Time

When you are at Google, you are encouraged to work on projects outside of the company. The company has a 20% rule. That means that, as an employee, one day a week must be spent working on your own project. Google knows how to hire successful people who are ambitious and self-driven. This rule helps keep that spirit. This 20% time could be filled with absolutely anything. It ensures that employees retain a passion for their own work. It also means that they will develop skills that will be useful to the company. Google claims that many of its products and ideas have come from their employees’ 20% time.

Leisure time

Google knows that a fit and healthy workforce is a strong one. Regular exercise releases endorphins into the brain which keeps you in a happy place. It also helps you develop a competitive spirit. Google provides swimming pools in nearly all of its offices. In the london office there is also a climbing wall and an indoor football pitch. Workers can let off steam at lunch time. Leisure activities are also an amazing team building exercise, without forcing anything. Google wants its workers to be best friends. It wants them to share ideas and be comfortable around each other.

They also offer massage tokens as incentives for good work. They have a massage parlour onsite. You can pay a little extra to go whenever you like, but good work is rewarded with a free massage.

Personalised work space

The one thing you notice when you walk into a Google office is that the desks are a crazy mess. Most employers wouldn’t stand for this and demand a clean and tidy work space. Not Google. When you arrive for your first day at the office, you are given $50 to go and spend on personalising your desk. The company believes that you will work harder when you feel more comfortable in your work environment. That includes your desk. A messy desk is encouraged if that’s what helps you work.

Free gourmet food

Employees at Google are treated to free food, made by some of the best chefs in the world. There are cafes and restaurants, all designed like real restaurants. You won’t find a greasy cafeteria at these offices. Workers can have breakfast, lunch and dinner all for nothing at Google. By providing the food, the company knows that its workers are eating healthily and staying motivated. By providing a great food service, they know that workers won’t mind staying late when they have to either.

When you look after your workforce, they work hard for you. When the environment they work in feels like home, they will be more comfortable. Google has created a space that millions want to work in. They have created desire among the tech world and ensured it attracts the very best. Then it keeps them. The Google offices are a joy to work in. It is one of the reasons the company has thrived so much.

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