The cloud: your guide to working remotely

A rising number of firms and individuals are switching onto the benefits of remote working. Operating outside of the office in this way can give people much greater freedom, reduce or even eliminate potentially lengthy commutes and boost productivity. Research conducted by O2 last year found that nearly eight in ten workers polled identified flexible working opportunities as ‘fairly’ or ‘very’ important to them. Advances in technology, including the development of cloud computing solutions, have helped to facilitate remote working. By mastering your approach to these systems, you stand to make the very most of the opportunities afforded to your enterprise by flexible working.


Choose the right provider


First and foremost, it’s vital that you select a suitable cloud computing solutions provider. The organisation you choose must be able to provide you with a reliable service that you can have complete confidence in. Ideally it should store data across multiple cloud platforms to minimise any downtime. For example, London Cloud stores data across three independent platforms for added safety.


Your provider should also use state-of-the-art data encryption technology to bolster security and it must offer impressive levels of customer service. You need to know that if a problem arises, it will be dealt with quickly and effectively.


Select suitable devices


It’s also important to make sure that your workers have access to suitable devices. High-quality laptops, tablets and smartphones enable individuals to reap the full benefits of remote working practices. The devices you provide your employees with should reflect their individual needs. For example, personnel who work from home or who regularly produce lengthy documents may require laptops with comfortable keyboards. Alternatively, people who spend a lot of time working on the move might be better served with tablets. With their longer battery lives and greater portability, these items are convenient to use in cafes, on trains, in airports and elsewhere.


Understand the importance of effective security


Another issue that your firm must get to grips with is security. It’s crucial that your staff members understand the importance of using strong passwords for their cloud computing accounts. In addition, they must not fall into the trap of reusing passwords that they have for other applications or sites. It can help to encrypt data on laptops too.


Of course, your employees should also do their upmost to minimise the risk that their portable computers will be stolen or mislaid. As part of this, they should ensure they never leave the devices unattended in public.


As long as you and your staff members follow simple principles like these, you should be able to ensure that your company reaps the maximum rewards from remote working.

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