Three Technologies that Need to Be Added at the High School Level

If we are not equipping our high school students across the globe with the latest skills in technology, we are doing them a huge disservice. By the time these students emerge from either high school or college to join the workforce, they must possess various technological skills that will make themselves stand out from the rest of the applicants. Rather than wait to learn these things later on, it would be best to equip them with the knowledge now and then they can simply build off of it. Here are three technologies that should be added to every high school curriculum in the near future.


3D Learning and Designing

3D is not just for fancy movies or eye-hurting posters. 3D learning and design should be taking the educational world by storm, but as of yet, school districts are dragging their feet on how to combine it in with the curriculum. Administrators realize the importance of 3D technology in the world today, it is just finding the teachers with enough knowledge about 3D that can adequately instruct the students. However, the schools should just think to use the Solidworks software instead of relying totally on the educators. The software will guide the students and the instructor on how to include it in lesson plans and across all subject areas.



Granted, chromebooks are not exactly new, but they can replace most of the more expensive computer devices in all the schools. With so many programs being contained in the cloud nowadays, there is no longer a need for computers that have 200gb of storage space on them. This cuts down the price of the computers dramatically. A good chromebook could set you back only about $200 or so. With quick startup and a great keyboard, schools should start replacing what they have with chromebooks for the good of the students.


Shared Video Lessons Around the World

Not every teacher is going to be adept at teaching every topic under the sun. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. And when you can have the experts present a certain lesson through recorded video lessons that are eye-catching and entertaining, then you would be a fool not to use them. Soon enough, entire video lessons will be available on every subject before long. If you struggle to teach a few subject areas or just want the students to hear from an expert, you could have them on your screen in mere moments.


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