Top Tips for Choosing the Most Ideal Images for Your Website

Images are there not only to show the world what you’re about, but also (more often than not) to make your target market relate to the problem you are trying to solve. This is a very important point; failing to recognise makes a very big difference. You see, an image – a picture, cartoon, or photo – can make the difference between intense interest and total defeat. The images you choose to showcase on your website pages have the power to captivate your audience, or they have the power to send them to your competitors. And image is what attracts the audience – or repels it. So how do you select that picture which will reel them in? How do you captivate your target demographic? Here are the top tips for choosing the most ideal images for your website.

Think relevance

This requires an understanding of what you, as a company or enterprise, are all about. This requires a thorough comprehension of what problems you are trying to solve and who the people are who have those problems. In other words, it takes self-reflection and reaching out to your target demographic to make the picture relevant to you, the problem, the solution, and your customer. Do your research.

It’s a reflection of your brand

As a brand, you want to give the right impression – and the images you use should convey a message that ensures this impression gets into your potential customers’ mind. You may want to be highly-technological, you may want to be funny, you may want to be kind, you may want to be tough. Whatever you want to be, make sure your picture reflects who you are and who your customer wants to be.

It’s about emotions

People may mull things over for a while, but research has shown that we ultimately make decisions based on our emotions. Use this. Make sure your image evokes emotions that your target demographic acts upon.

Make it quality

Never be too cheap to buy quality – it reflects on you. Use quality resolution and imagery.

You should own the rights

Be safe and get the rights. Be honourable.

Finally, one more hint: use images that are so attention-grabbing that they automatically stick to the viewer’s mind, even when they leave the website and go on to do other business, as attested by Oxford web design experts from Xist2. Think out of the box. Images should have a shock-effect (of course, not in a negative way). The shock could be an artistic flair, a funny caption, or a play of colours – but you’ll only be truly effective if your viewer will be able to recall the image long after they have seen it. The image will grab the attention, the message will keep the interest of your market. Pay attention to it.

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