What if your Wi-Fi could be five times faster?

Internet access is something that we increasingly take for granted wherever we are. Whether it’s a wired connection in the office, via a mobile network, or through Wi-Fi either at home or from public hotspots, being able to access the web has become a part of our everyday lives.



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While wireless connections are convenient, however, they can often be the slowest part of accessing the internet or company networks. Thanks to the latest fibre optic broadband it’s possible for the signal coming into your house or office to be faster than your Wi-Fi’s ability to transmit data to devices, which is a potential bottleneck, especially when streaming media files or using cloud applications.


Until now that is. Korean electronics giant Samsung has developed a new wireless technology that allows transmissions to take place up to five times faster than existing wireless networks. The new 60GHz technology allows data to be transmitted at speeds of up to 4.6Gbps, that’s 575MB per second, compared to 108MB per second for existing Wi-Fi technology.


What this faster speed means in practice is that a 1GB file can be transferred between devices in under three seconds. It also opens up the possibility of being able to stream high-definition movies wirelessly in real time rather than having to download them or copy them to a device to watch later.


Business benefits


As well as its potential for improving the way we receive entertainment, faster Wi-Fi has commercial implications too. Businesses are increasingly making use of the cloud both to provide storage and to run and software as a service (SaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) applications. Of course use of the cloud demands a reliable and quick connection if it’s to be effective. Faster Wi-Fi will allow companies to take more advantage of these technologies without worrying about network performance issues holding things back.


Beyond cloud services there are other business benefits. For carrying out tasks like software testing a stable, fast network connection is important as it makes it easier to pinpoint performance issues in the software itself and isolate them from connection problems. For companies like that carry out crowd-sourced testing a reliable connection to a large number of testers is key, and faster Wi-Fi can help deliver on targets and get applications through the testing process more quickly.


When can I get it?


Until recently 60GHz wireless had poor penetration and suffered signal loss. Samsung has used improved circuit design and better modem technologies to come up with a more reliable wide beam that makes the technology viable. Of course this is very new so, unfortunately, you can’t get faster Wi-Fi right now but commercial application of this technology is expected to start next year.


Samsung intends to offer the latest 60GHz wireless technology across a range of products including telecommunications, audio visual equipment and medical devices. It’s likely to prove an important part of driving the adoption of internet of things and smart home devices.

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